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      Tianjin Yushen Building Waterproof Material Co., Ltd. was established in 1997. After 20 years of hard struggle, it has now developed into a high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, production, sales and engineering services. It is now the standing director unit of China Building Waterproof Association and the vice-chairman unit of Tianjin Building Materials Association. The waterproof products produced by the company have spread to more than 20 provinces and cities across the country, with annual production capacity of waterproof coiled materials and linoleum tiles reaching more than 58 million square meters.  With a storage capacity of 800,000 square meters and over 100,000 tons of various waterproof coatings, the company has been well advanced in production and sales in the waterproof material market for 16 consecutive years. The company has successively obtained more than 40 certifications and honors such as "high-tech enterprise", "Chinese well-known trademark", "recommended brand of China's building materials engineering", "double guarantee unit for product quality and service reputation", "AAA credit unit for credit evaluation of China's building waterproof enterprise" and has been recognized as "enterprise technology center" by Tianjin city.  The products are widely used in transportation engineering, construction engineering, water conservancy engineering, environmental protection engineering, etc. The quality and reputation are widely praised by the industry.

Corporate culture:   dedication, efficiency, cooperation, progress and gratitude

Enterprise Spirit:   In ancient times there was Dayu controlling

the floods, but today there is Yushen waterproofing.

Mission of the enterprise:   to build watertight projects with

the spirit of continuous improvement of craftsmen.

Corporate Responsibility: Adhering to Low Carbon and Environmental Protection and Fulfilling Social Responsibility

Corporate vision:   An Experienced Waterproof Leading Enterprise with the Mission of Building Ecological City

Business philosophy:  honesty, cooperation and win-win results

Service concept:  to provide high-quality service for high-quality customers

Management Concept:  Standardization, Standardization and Refinement

Development Concept:  Quality Win Market, Honesty Build Brand

Enterprise idea

Corporate vision         To build a company with quality and strength in the industry, we are committed to providing customers with high-quality and stable services with high moral standards, efficient and sound management and high-quality,

high-level and highly professional staff, becoming a company with quality and strength and the first choice of customers.

二、Enterprise mission     Grow together, create value for customers, make employees full of achievements, create harmony for the society, and  let partners get rich rewards.

三、Enterprise spirit            Defeat oneself, regard oneself as the  Challenger who is difficult to overcome,

self discovery, self denial, self-improvement, dare to do what oneself have not done, others can  not do.

Create value
    1、Adhere to performance orientation, take value creation as the starting point of all work, and unswervingly adhere to the pursuit of value creation. Passion and rationality, innovation and implementation, team and individual adhere to the unity of work passion and management rationality, advocate to devote themselves to the cause with mission passion, and endow the work with special significance; meanwhile, emphasize to be full of rational spirit, scientific, normative, professional and professional, pay equal attention to results and process, and correctly handle the major relations between scale and benefit, long-term interest and short-term interest.

      2、Adhere to the high unity of innovation based on the interests of the company and implementation without compromise, advocate imaginative thinking, constantly improve the innovation ability of the organization, and form a set of scientific innovation mechanism, so that innovation becomes the source of our continuous success; at the same time, emphasize the implementation without compromise, and oppose any form of bureaucracy, formalism and liberalism.

      3、Adhere to the high unity of team cooperation and individual role, advocate to play each person's different role in the team, encourage individuals to contribute wisdom and strength; at the same time, emphasize team cooperation and common growth. In any case, the individual shall not exceed the organization, the local interests shall be subordinated to the overall interests, and the individual interests shall be subordinated to the collective interests.

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Tianjin Yushen Building Waterproof Material Co., Ltd.
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